Lil Wayne is a fixture at Heat games, or at least the ones that are on a national stage. Now according to a very angry tweet, he was asked to leave by police after he was caught rooting for the visiting Los Angeles Lakers.


This isn’t the first time he has had problems at an NBA Arena. During the finals, he was denied VIP access in Oklahoma. I guess he is now off the Heat bandwagon.

According to the cops and an eyewitness account something else happened.



The problem as I see it is if the random fan was heckling Lil Wayne (so hard to keep up with who is Lil Wayne’s team these days) he should have been kicked out as well.  What was the fan saying to the Wayne?  Did security really think Lil Wayne was going to send a Hitman after the fan?

These are some of the questions that  need answered.

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