The log jam of wide receivers waiting to get into the Hall Of Fame is not going to be the problem for Randy Moss. It is plays like below and his relationship with the media.



When it comes to media perception and the Hall Of Fame, Deion Sanders and Charles Haley come to mind. Haley, with five Super Bowl rings has not yet been enshrined, because of what some say was a rocky relationship with writers during his playing career and those writers are now sticking it back to him. It took an epic and unnecessary one hour debate by these same writers to vote Deion in. Deion did not always have the coziest relationship with the media. The same can be said of Moss particularly with unforgettable statements highlighted by “I play when I wanna play“. Then just this past week, the borderline blasphemy of claiming he was the greatest receiver in the game will stay on voters’ minds forever.

Then there is Randy’s perceived behavior on the field. Remember when he walked off the field in Washington? Remember the lost years on the Raiders that cumulated in arguably his worst game ever against the Seahawks on Primetime television? The only thing I remember about that game was the play by play commentator constantly lambasting Randy for loafing. As if those were not enough, on the biggest stage this past Sunday, many, including Hall of Famer Michael Irvin say he should have given a better effort to prevent Colin Kaepernick’s interception. The kind of effort they all were expecting was something like this.

It’s kind of sad that all these may come back to haunt Randy. No player is perfect and he deserves to be a first ballot Hall Of Famer. However, based on the pattern of the voters, it is safe to say Randy Moss as a first ballot is not guaranteed.



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