When the Giants play the Falcons in Atlanta in Mid-December, Giants WR Victor Cruz may have some motivation on his side.

Earlier today Falcons WR Roddy White said of the young star receiver that he’s just a slot guy while adding that only the big boys play outside the hashmarks.

During a segment for the NFL Network they were asking White and Julio Jones about other wide receiver tandems in the league and Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz came up.


The same tandem that helped knock the Falcons out of the playoffs last year on their way to the Super Bowl. White describes Cruz as just a “slot guy” and implies he isn’t a “big boy” receiver because he doesn’t play on the outside.


While Cruz does spend a lot of time in the slot, he also torched a lot of teams from the traditional outside position. Also it speaks to Cruz’s versatility that he is able to play pretty much anywhere on the field. Lastly, I think you have be a pretty big boy to play the slot since you crossing right into the face of linebackers and safeties.

To me it doesn’t matter where the receiver lines up on the field. If he can make plays I want him on my team. We saw that Cruz lit it up last year while helping the Giants claim another Lombardi trophy on his 82 receptions for 1,536 yards. Not too bad for just a slot guy.

Roddy White’s numbers on the outside? 100 receptions for 1,296. Maybe playing in the slot isn’t so bad.


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