Well, you gotta have smarts to be the 2nd overall pick in the NFL Draft, and Redskins rookie QB RGIII has shown that he has them.

In Griffin’s rookie debut against the Saints he had modified his Nike warm up shirt to cover up the Swoosh with the word “Heart”, doing so because of his affiliation with Adidas, a¬†competitor¬†of Nike.

The league was none too thrilled about the modification, and said that “It wouldn’t happen again” after someone from the league offices talked to Griffin about the modification.

Techincally, they were right. But RGIII out-witted the league on Sunday against the Rams, still covering up the Nike Swoosh during warm ups – this time he did it a little differently, and technically didn’t break any rules by doing so.

RGIII appeared in warm ups Sunday wearing a grey tee shirt over his Nike warm up attire, still for his affiliation with Adidas.

Smart dude if you ask me, and the league can’t do anything about it!


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