Joe Namath has bashed the Jets over the course of the off-season. He’s questioned the motive of the coaching staff for bringing in Tim Tebow by referring to it as a publicity stunt and even went as far as saying the team is more interested in making headlines than winning football games.

Now the former Jet is back at it again, discussing none other than Backup QB Tim Tebow (no surprise).

Namath told ESPN that he doesn’t think Tebow is the true backup, because he can’t get the job done, and he is confused by the fact the Jets are saying he’s the guy that will be called upon if something happens to Mark Sanchez.

“God forbid something happens to (Mark) Sanchez. See, this is where I’m confused. I don’t think the second guy really is Tebow,” Namath said.

He continued by saying that Tebow has yet to show any improvement in his passing game.

“I don’t think he can consistently play the quarterback position as we know it as opposed to the Wildcat without improving his passing accuracy,” He said. “You’ve got to be more accurate than that today, and Tim’s got a big motion. He’s working on it, and he can improve it. So that remains to be seen.”

Well, at least he gave him the slightest bit of a compliment at the end there. What the Jets did on Sunday was unexpected, I’m not sure if it was a lack of preparation by the Bills in the blowout loss, but it was evident that at least for one day the Jets secret weapon was all Rex Ryan hyped it up to be.

It’s not clear if the Jets will explode on offense again, but with teams game planning for that what if  factor with Tebow in the mix they may be spending more time on that than a traditional offense. We’ll see if the Jets success continues, but if they have to rely on Tebow, I’m sure there will be plenty of more quotes from Namath.


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