Well, there are truly two sides to every story. Last month we brought you a report of Eagles RB Dion Lewis being arrested on Felony charges for pulling a fire alarm.

Now, the story is a little different than what was originally reported. The Charges have been dismissed against Lewis, and his brother Lamar, in the July 8th incident in Albany, NY after a video of the incident was released and clearly showed that the two men didn’t pull a fire alarm, nor did they bang on the doors and try to force entry as they were accused of doing.

What is interesting though, is the way the authorities acted in the arrest. As you can see in the video above, Police entered with guns drawn when the pair of brothers were standing in the area between two doors. Before they entered the area, police already had guns and pepper spray wielded and didn’t ask for cooperation before heading straight for the two men, dropping them with pepper spray and dragging them out.

According to the NESN, Police spokesman Steve Smith said officers used the spray because they believed the brothers were trying to break into the hotel while in possession of a knife. Smith said that the incident is being reviewed, but there was nothing to indicate the officers acted inappropriately. District Attorney David Soares said he believed the officers reacted the way they did because of the description of the scene from the 911 call

Granted, they may have done things the right way if they believed there was someone with a knife, but because of the video, both Dion and his brother’s charges were dropped and the police that responded to the situation are under review for the incident.


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